The Chocolate Museum Cologne

The Chocolate Museum – a dream comes true

Hans Imhoff, a passionate chocolate manufacturer, had a dream for a long time: he dreamed of a chocolate museum with a fountain constantly bubbling chocolate.

For 25 years now, the most comprehensive historic and current presentation of cocoa and chocolate worldwide can be found at the museum of more than 4,000m². The museum offers a variety of information from the 5,000 years of cultural history of cocoa to the modern chocolate production of the cocoa bean to the praline. A walk-in tropical house, natural history on cocoa, exhibits from the pre-Columbian cultures of Central America, an important collection of porcelain and silver from the Baroque period, and numerous old machines from the time of industrialisation await the visitor. In a glass chocolate factory there is a three meter high chocolate fountain in which 200 kilograms of delicious chocolate are constantly bubbling up for tasting. Hans Imhoff’s dream has come true!

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