Rafram Chaddad

Haus der Stiftungen/ Galerie Seippel | Bab Ma7rouk [2018]

Photos: Rafram Chaddad Archive


Bab Ma7rouk, 2015
mixed media, 4’ 50

To this day, large wooden doors made of fogged-in wood are ubiquitous in the streets of Tunisia. They are usually double-winged, painted in blue, yellow or white and studded with a multitude of nails in the form of geometric ornaments and abstract pictorial symbols from Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions. They are considered a blessing. In 2014, Rafram Chaddad took one of these doors as a model for a relief, copied the pattern and replaced the nails with blue matches.

>>Haus der Stiftungen (House of Foundations)

>>Roman Tower

Rafram Chaddad. Fish.
Photos: Rafram Chaddad Archive

Recurring motifs in the artistic practice of Rafram Chaddad are performances and interventions that refer to religious signs, attributes, and symbols. He reflects on the way they occur in everyday life and asks about their relevance in the present. His special focus is on Jewish symbols, their codes and transfers.

2016 | Osnabrueck [de], Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst
2016 | New York [us], Art Space LLC
2015 | Herzliya [is], Herzliya Museum
SINCE 2004 | Reegular exhibition and project practice worldwide

2000 – 2003 | Jerusalem [is], Musara School of Photography and New Media

1976 | Born in Djerba [tn]
Lives and works in Tunis [tn]


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