Nathan Schönewolf

MAKK _ Museum for Applied Arts Cologne | Stoff

Collumina 2018
x Lichhof _ Nathan Schönewolf-2
x Lichhof _ Nathan Schönewolf-5
x Lichhof _ Nathan Schönewolf-55
Photos: Nathan Schönewolf, Dr. Bernd Kaemmerer


Stoff, 2018
x3 street lamps installed on floor (approx. 1400x700x200), x3 U-shaped fluorescent tubes (58 watt), cement, animal husbandry dimmer, digital timer, 3 x 120 min. (one cycle)

Three street lights converted to digital ballasts and operation from a conventional Schoko plug by replacing the interior. A dimmer simulates the sunrise with approximately 8% residual light to 100% of the luminosity in a 30 minute cycle. The cycle rests at 100% for 30 minutes, then starts sunset simulation from 100% to 8%, followed by 30 minutes of rest at 8%. This completes one cycle.

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2017 | Cologne [de], CASE _ Project Space at the KHM
2017 | Cologne [de], Museumsnacht at the KHM
2016 | Cologne [de], CASE _ Project Space at the KHM
Not yet a regular exhibitor.

Since 2015 | Cologne [de], Academy of Media Arts Cologne

1993 | Born in Cologne [de]
Lives and studies in Cologne [de]


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