Kurt Laurenz Theinert and Lukas Pearse

Chocolate Museum Cologne | Visual Piano, Live Licht-Environments

Photos: Nana Tazuke

Visual Piano, Seit 2008 work in progress, room filling projection, 20-25Min.

short concerts ca. 20-25 minutes

each 19:30 h, 20:30, 21:30, 22:30, 23:30
at the Chocolate Museum Cologne
Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A
50678 Cologne

Visual Piano, a worldwide unique instrument that plays animated visual imagery, was conceived and developed by light artist and photographer Kurt Laurenz Theinert and the software developers Roland Blach and Phillip Rahlenbeck. A MIDI keyboard makes it possible to generate a wide variety of graphic patterns and project them into the room from a projector. Unlike conventional VJ software and hardware, the spontaneous, dynamic “light drawings” are not based on stored clips. Every moment of the performance is played and modulated live, in real time from the keyboard and pedals.

>> The Chocolate Museum

Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a photographer and performative light and media artist. In his work, he concentrates on visual experiences and strives for an abstract aesthetic. His artistic research into the de-materialization of images has led him to light, not only as the recording material of photography but also as a medium of display. During the first edition of //RESPONSIVE in October 2017 in Halifax, he collaborated for the first time with musician Lukas Pearse.

Kurt Laurenz Theinert: “Wherever I go, I try to find musicians I can play with. Sound and light have many characteristics in common and although we move in different spheres, we can communicate well. I draw a lot of inspiration from the qualities and behavior of sound and look for musicians who are interested in transmedial cooperation. The better they know their instrument and space, the more we can concentrate on our communication as an aesthetic process.” >>

2017 | Halifax [ca], //RESPONSIVE _ International Light Art Project
2017 | Corby [uk], DREAMING OUR WOODS
2016 | Stuttgart [de], AUFSTIEGE
2016 | Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE
Since 1995 | Regular exhibition and performnace practice worldwide

1985 – 1992 | Stuttgart [de], Studies of Design

1963 | Born in Stuttgart [de]
Lives and works in Stuttgart [de]



Lukas Pearse

Lukas Pearse is the Multi-faceted musician, composer, and media artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He works with basses, sound, image and technology in many ways, using acoustic, electric and electronic instruments; mechanical, analogue and digital sound recordings, sound diffusion techniques for installation, modern dance and concert performance.

Lukas Pearse also explores live visuals and interactive projections using both analogue video and computer vision. As a performer in improvised music, new music, indie rock, jazz, folk and “world” music, he also works as a film sound designer, Foley artist and film composer.

Since 2015, Lukas Pearse has served as the Artistic Director of the Upstream Music Association, Halifax.

2017 | Moncton [ca], Re:Flux Festival
2013 | Alberta [ca], Banff Centre For the Arts
2011 | Amsterdam [nl], Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music STEIM

2002 – 2004 | London [en], Goldsmiths College University of London, Contemporary Music [MA]
1997 – 2002 | Halifax [ca], Dalhousie University, Contemporary Music [BA]
1989 – 1994 | Halifax [ca], NSCAD University, Fine Arts / Intermedia [BA]

1971 | Born in Halifax [ca]
Lives and works in Halifax [ca]


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