Ken Matsubara

Gallery Seippel _ House of Foundations | Paper in the Wind / Storm in a Glass / Hou-chou Floor Lamp

Ken Matsubara.Paper in the wind 500-500
Collumina 2018
Photo: Ken Matsubara Archive


Paper in the Wind

A floating paper is projected onto a book cover. “The paper is moved by the wind and we know about the wind by looking at the paper’s movements.” [Ken Matsubara]

Storm in a Glass

Moving water in a glass is projected onto a black ground. “This work is the most original and quotes the most widespread memory of the movements of water in the womb.” [Ken Matsubara]

Hou-chou Floor Lamp

The shadow drawings on the screen of the floor lamp show children during the Hou-chou ritual, a symbolic exercise of Myanmar’s Buddhist tradition in which birds are released as a sign of compassion.

>> Haus der Stiftungen (House of Foundations)

>> Roman Tower

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Ken Matsubara 500-500
Photo: Ken Matsubara Archive

Ken Matsuabra’s artistic research focuses on the relationship between the present and the past. His film-objects are objects of everyday life that are extended by film projections. In doing so, he understands photography and the viewing of photographic material as a pendulum movement between the present and the past, between experience and memory.

2017 | Tokyo [jp], MA2 Gallery
2017 | Oregon [us], Schneider Museum of Art
2017 | London/Ontario [ca], Museum London of Visual Art and Material Culture
Since 1981 | regular exhibition practice worldwide

Until 1974 | Tokyo [jp], Musashino Art University

1949 | Born in Tokyo [jp]
Lives and works in Tokyo [jp]


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