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Holzmarkt 1 | A Thought in Space

Photos: Hartung | Trenz

Ein Gedanke im Raum (A Thought in Space), 2018
ca. 126 x 23 m, animierte Videoprojektion, ca. 15Min., video loop, 4 statische Gobo-Projektionen

The shape of time – a thought in space

The fascination of the terms:
Creatures of our language with past, present, and future.
She has a life of her own, almost untranslatable, her connotations infinite, alive.
The SPACE: physical, geographic, mathematical, social, philosophical and, and, and, and, and,
behaves as TIME, as FORM behaves to THOUGHT
Form and idea, statics and change, perception and meaning.
Referring terms changes perspectives and expands dimensions.

The work “A Thought in Space” by Hartung | Trenz in the inner courtyard of the office building completed in 2015 on Holzmarkt 1 in Cologne places the four terms SPACE, TIME, FORM and THOUGHT in a content-related and formal relation to each other and overwrites the three sides of the building complex with static and dynamic light writings.
Give space to the thought, give shape to time.
This space of vision and thought, which is constantly changing, not only reflects on architecture and its use, but it also declines four of the most important terms of our artistic work process.

[Text: Hartung | Trenz. Cologne/Munich 2018]

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Photos: Hartung | Trenz Archive

The spatial and architectural projections by Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz are based on the selected location as well as their architectural, socio-cultural and historical dimensions. They explore and survey spaces and interiors, sound out atmospheres and its related energy. In the tension-field between analysis and association, they develop text and drawing material as graphic networks, project them and experiment with the interplay of colours, shapes and the visual contexts that takes place. Their interventions are typographic experimental arrangements as well as spaces of association that refer to the symbolic nature of things. In the interplay of the visible and the invisible, they refer to the connections between levels of perception and meaning.

2017 | Halifax [ca], //RESPONSIVE International Light Art Project
2016 | Frankfurt [de], LUMINALE
2015 | Adelaide [au], BLINC
Since 1996 | regular joint exhibitions worldwide

Detlef Hartung

1985 – 1991 | Munich [de], Academy of Fine Arts, studies of free arts
1979 – 1984 | Munich [de], Technical University of Munich, study of mechanical engineering

1958 | Born [ve]
Lives and works in Cologne [de]


Georg Trenz

1988 – 1994 | Munich [de], Academy of Fine Arts, study course of free art
1982 – 1986 | Munich [de], University of Applied Sciences Munich, studies in communication design, diploma

1962 | Born in Munich [de]
Lives and works in Munich [de]


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