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MAKK _ Museum for Applied Arts Cologne | Virtual Effusion

Conrad Hotel and Breezeway between hotel and 200 West
Conrad Hotel and Breezeway between hotel and 200 West
Conrad Hotel and Breezeway between hotel and 200 West
Photo: Paul Warchol


Virtual Effusion, 2018
h4 x w9 x d15 m, 4 channel video, projected onto suspended translucent nylon mesh sculpture, video loop 3Min. unsynchronized

Catching light has been a lifelong passion of mine. Video projection of light and its manipulation by an array of sculptural projection surfaces has become my primary artistic medium.

In the last decade, my art practice has been focused on the juxtaposition of essential geometry and visceral experience. While lines circles, and arcs are rigid shapes defined by their very specific geometric properties, I use their extension into amorphous projection environments to raise questions regarding “point of view” and personal conviction. The geometric projections unravel as one moves from being in line with the projectors lens. All other viewing angles tell a truth and disguise truth simultaneously.

The materials I choose to shape into sculptural form have a luminous quality and gridded structure, allowing light to be captured by the thread grid and escape through the void of the grid. As the geometric form intersects the deformed grid, it leaves some photons behind in the glowing thread as its remainder extends through space. This mapping results in a figure seemingly completely at odds with its original form, be it a line or a circle, although it is only our perception which defines it as such.

[text: Christine Sciulli]

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christine sciulli
Photo: Christine Sciulli

In her artistic work, Christine Sciulli deals with the movement of light in space and its visual qualities when it falls on transparent, semi-transparent and/or reflective materials.

2017 | Hildesheim [de], EVI LICHTUNGEN
2016 | New York [us], SMACK MELLON GALLERY
2015 | New York [us], BROOKLYN FIREPROOF
2013 | Fjellerup [dk], THOMSENS ISHUS
Since 1999 | Regular exhibition practice, mainly in the USA

1998 | New York [us] | HUNTER COLLEGE, Master of Fine Arts
1998 | New York [us] | HUNTER COLLEGE, Bachelor of Fine Arts
1990 | Pennsylvania [us] | PENN STATE UNIVERSITY, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

1967 | Born in Pennsylvania [us]
Lives and works in New York [us]


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